Filme exibido no Auditório do TAGV no âmbito da apresentação do projeto na versão espetáculo.                              (filme + performance musical).
"Expunge" was developed as part of an artistic project "UMA ELEGIA" (drawings + photography + video), constituted by a series of works that expose the idea of the experience rooted in a body that is rehearsed from the terrible approach to death, through an imaging effect representative of the negative feeling linked to obscurity, to the perception of an interior that gains expression in the action of a gesture in the landscape, replacing the absence, the visible, with the non-visible. An interior figured in the representation of an imaginary that is constructed from the necessity of a creative act of performance - that of a body in the landscape as an expression of something. The natural space welcomes a body (my body) that empathizes, interferes and communicates in space through actions that result from internal impulses, anticipating movements that link the expression of the body to the revelation of a meaning which in a diaphonic filmic discourse which is understood as a phantasmatic imagery recreation, liberating anguish and pain.
Image, Edition and Direction: Dária Salgado;  Sound Edition: Dária Salgado; Voice: Dária Salgado;  Sound, Music and Composition: Sérgio Tavares; Text: Anna Akhmatova in John Berger "And your faces, my heart, brief as photos" (London: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.), 2005.

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